How my Pen Ticks; or My Writing Methodology

Posted: 07/29/2010 in Uncategorized Musings

Many writers have lots of different ways they come up with ideas and turn them into stories. Today I thought I’d share mine just for fun and to help refine it for myself.

-First step: Obviously you need an idea. Something that intrigues you, catches your fancy, makes you shiver with excitement when you think about it. But if you can’t come up with an original idea, here is where my secret comes in: Duplicate. Copy. Plagiarize. Rip off someone else’s great idea completely.

-Step two: Obliterate. That’s right. Take that great idea you just stole from Spielberg or King and tear it to pieces. Blow it apart. Leave nothing left but the bare semblance of a plot.

-Step three: Recreate. Rebuild that stolen story you smashed to smithereens; only this time, replace key details, characters, events, plot threads…anything. By this time, you should’ve stewed over the story long enough to start seeing places where you could improve upon or change the original. When you’re done, you should have the makings of a great story that only slightly resembles its inspiration.

Oh, and of course you should be writing and making notes throughout this whole process. After all, that’s what we writers do:)

Well, I hope this helps any first time writers with an idea on how to come up with ideas/start writing; as well as give curious readers an insight on how my pen ticks (or keyboard in my case:) Of course you may have heard all this before, (there’s nothing new under the sun, just new paint jobs) if so, you needn’t bother reading this. Oh wait…..

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