Live Web-Cast Writing?

Posted: 09/23/2010 in Book Updates, Uncategorized, Writing Updates
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I recently had an interesting idea that I wanted to bounce off my fans/followers and the world in general: would you watch me write my next novel, live via Ustream, with an open google doc to read and a chatroom to comment/question in? I know people will watch almost anything, I just wanted to know how many would actually want to watch. For me it could be a great way to connect with current/potential fans as well as provide motivation(for myself:) and a sounding board for any ideas.
So, would you like to watch/help me write my next novel? Let me know in the comments or on twitter @JoshuaCaleb75

  1. Krista Van Veen says:

    I often think these types of things, too. I do better when I have others ‘coaching’ or following up on me keeping me accountable. To answer you, yes, I would check in from time to time but only if you were willing to do the same for me like making sure I did my daily sit up(s).



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