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Magic and Technology don’t mix. At least until now. Portia Greyleesah, a member of an ancient and magical race of beings called Wryters, and Mitchellina Cruise, a normal human island girl living in the pacific, are each content with their respective lives. But when each discovers the dark secrets of their true parentage, they both reluctantly leave their very different lives in search of the truth. They are forced to join together, much to their dismay, in order to uncover the secrets and truths, eventually working together to bring down the dark villain that threatens the lives of the entire world.

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Sales/Low Prices:

Warped & Wired Kindle Edition only $.99!

Warped & Wired paperback available here for $7.38 (with code: ZTVN6L3Q)

Warped & Wired paperback only $14.65 on & $14.75 on

(If you buy the paperback, let me know and I’ll hook you up with a free ebook;)

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Hey-oo internet, my new site here is almost, just a little more domain mapping left to do. I will try and change all of my existing links to make sure they point here, but naturally there will be some left out. Fortunately, I will keep my old site running (is was free after all) and provide a link to this site so there shouldn’t be any dead links after all is said and done.

Meanwhile, check out the summer sale going on right now at where you can get up to 100% off megabytes of ebooks, including my own. Use coupon code SW100 and you will get Warped & Wired (any device/format) absolutely free!