The Wryters

Wryters are an ancient and magical race of beings that existed in the First World, long before the first Humans. There are several sub-races of Wryters but all share many of the same characteristics and attributes.

Wryter sub-races:

-Dark Wryters

-Hydroqiuan Wryters

-Land Wryters

-Rock Wryters

-Sky Wryters

All Wryters have incredibly long life-spans due to their slow aging and maturity rate; it takes a Wryter forty years to reach the age and maturity level of a twenty year-old Human. After forty, their aging process slows even further allowing them to live upwards into the eight-hundred year range. They are naturally more resilient and stronger than Humans. However they are extremely vulnerable to fire and the very sight of it terrifies them.


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