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Hey everyone. Just a quick update: I’ve uploaded a screenplay I wrote several years ago titled “Jolt”. It’s available for public viewing on Google docs. Feel free to take a look at it and tell me what you think (bear in mind that it’s still in beta. I might tinker around with it and possibly submit it to Amazon Studios:)

Here’s a quick synopsis:

Jo Timin, living off his parent’s fortune, is at the height of his “pro” swimming career; but when a mysterious “accident” charges his body with electrical current, he finds he can’t even touch water without disastrous results. Reluctantly, he begins to explore his newfound powers and with the help of some new friends, he begins to establish himself as the city super hero. But when another “hero” arrives on the scene and tries to expose Jo as a fraud, the battle for the city begins.


Read all about it! I’ve started uploading various short story betas I have lying around my hard drive. These are short stories that never made public release and are available to read in the “Extras” section on the top nav bar. Be warned though, these stories are still in beta so there may be grammar glitches, plot holes, and spelling bugs. Read at your own risk;)


Good news! This is now the official Wryter Chronicles blogsite. All the domain mapping is done and everything is as it should be. I will continue to add more content and update old links, but otherwise, this is my new home:) Have a look around and tell me what you think.

Hey-oo internet, my new site here is almost, just a little more domain mapping left to do. I will try and change all of my existing links to make sure they point here, but naturally there will be some left out. Fortunately, I will keep my old site running (is was free after all) and provide a link to this site so there shouldn’t be any dead links after all is said and done.

Meanwhile, check out the summer sale going on right now at where you can get up to 100% off megabytes of ebooks, including my own. Use coupon code SW100 and you will get Warped & Wired (any device/format) absolutely free!

Hello Internet!

Posted: 07/16/2010 in Database Updates

Welcome to my in-progress, revamped website! Feel free to look around; most of the content is has already been done. The domain mapping is the part that may take longer:)