Dark Wryters

Dark Wryters are Wryters that have sworn allegiance to the Dark Lord of Destruction. They practice the powerful Sky Wryting variant, called Black Wryting and even have power and control over fire. When in their Human form, Dark Wryter’s only differ from other Wryters in the “D” mark seared above the “W” mark on their forehead and a sharp set of fangs. In their true form, they have a black, scaly, armor-skin; leathery, bat-like wings; and deadly-sharp claws.

Dark Wryters are all sick and tired of the Human infestation of the planet and are determined to find a way to rid the world of them. The only problem is, no Wryter can directly kill a Human. Period. Now matter how hard they try, they cannot directly slay a human being.


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